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Geisha Bingo 3.1

Geisha Bingo is a virtual 3D
gaming world, where players can
choose their own personality and
walk and chat to each other while
playing Bingo, Slots and Video
Poker for massive jackpots and
real cash prizes.

(c) In-The-Casino.com, 2006.

Latest releases are available at:
DOOM_3_1.3.1_Patch_Fixed_v4.2.exe (22,769K)

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DOOM is a fast-moving virtual reality game
in which you are plunged into a brutal 3-D
world.  To escape alive, you must outfight
legions of grisly fiends and solve DOOM's 
lethal puzzles.  You play a marine 
equipped with a variety of weapons and 
technological artifacts, but in the end it
comes down to who's tougher: you or them.
Note:DOOM portrays graphic violence and 
may not be suitable for younger children
v1.666*386 or better, VGA, 4 MB ram*DISK1/1


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│  "GoRE GALoRE"  │
│     rel. 2.0    │
│   DOOM ][ PWAD  │
│ by Ian Springer │
│    12/12/94     │

EPA297EN.ZIP (7,076K)

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Enjoy Picture Adventure v2.9.7 
* Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/2003
* Pentium 600 PC or higher
* 16MB display RAM or more
* 128MB RAM or more
* Sound card
* DirectX 8.0 or later 
Your mission is the elimination
Dark Skeleton king and his evil forces under,
relieves under the dark shadow the background
evil spirit incantation, with a picture from your
own collection as the background.
FM.ZIP (1,267K)

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Funny Money - little strategic labyrinth game
This is a game full of money and rocks.
Usually the rocks are on top of the money,
and you have to figure out how to get the
money you need to get to the next level
without getting bonked. There is more than
one way to get through a level,but in certain
parts of the puzzle, there is only one way to
get to the other side.The registered version
has more than 100 levels. (Size:  1.28 MB)

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GEOM Demo.  GEOM is in a league of its own,
taking the classic style matching game to
another dimension. Rotate the GEOMetric
shapes to match colored connectors and
complete the GEOMs. Discover 202 fascinating
levels constructed from intricate GEOMetric
tessellations. Now with 4 modes of play,
crisp-clean imagery and wicked soundtracks
this is a game that truly appeals to
everyone. Bring it on - GEOM awaits! 
Available for purchase at TotalGaming.net:


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 Game Speeder is a game tool, which allows
you to change the speed of your game.


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Intricate Words 1.0 Follow in the tracks of

the Magic Cat to see its pleased smile.

Follow in the tracks of the Magic Cheshire

Cat and make up as many words consisting of

the letters provided as you can. Don't

forget to use hints and shuffle letters.

Think very hard, suggest new words, be

creative and resourceful. The stripy fat

"king of the words" will appreciate you

making every effort to do the right guess.

Though sometimes he gets very angry waiting

for you to make up your mind he's easily set

at ease. If you're successful he'll give you

scores and, besides, will reward you by

letting contemplate his face broken into a

huge pleased smile. Remember, the higher the

level - the happier the Cat!  


Uploaded Tue Mar 28 2023 01:57 pm

Marauders 2 is about blasting away waves of

unstable aliens and working your way through

to get the best highscore. This game will

pit you against unending waves of aliens

that shoot faster on each new wave, making

the game more frantic the longer you play.  

This game is all about having quick reflexes

and a sharp eye. See the controls below:

Space: Shoots your laser 

Left/RightArrow Keys: Move your ship around

This game has an online version, which along

with being automatically updated whenever

changes are made also allows you to submit

your best scores to the online Hall of Fame

and compete against others for the best

worldwide highscore.  

MJ.ZIP (4,737K)

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Mahjongger 1.2.002 Size:  [4.63 MB]
Category:  Jump and Run arcade game.
type   :  Shareware. Price  :  $20.99
Mahjongger is similar to the ancient Chinese
game of Mahjongg (solitaire).The goal of the
game is to eliminate all tiles on the board
by matching pairs of free tiles.30 Levels
(maps) and 5 graphics skins.Dynamically
generated puzzle at each level. Just press
restart button for creation of a new puzzle
in the game.
Website http://www.nordosteam.com

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Make Money Playing Games:

Yes, you can actually make quite a bit of

money simply from playing video games. Of

course there is still effort involved, not

to mention the hours that may be spent

before you start seeing real dollars pouring

in from your labours. With effort you will

be making sizable amounts of money just from

playing games. Read the methods in this

compact eBook & find out the three main ways

to make your own money from video games.

These methods available in this eBook are:

Playing Massively Multiplayer Online Games

Being a paid Video Game Tester, Playing &

winning Video Game competitions. This eBook,

also includes recommended resources for

additional stuff on gaming & even game

design. Win98,WinME,WinNT3.x,WinNT

4.x,2000,WinXP,2003,Windows Vista

Starter,Windows Vista Ho

MOH_AA_1.11_PATCH.ZIP (15,464K)

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Montezooma 2.1.002  Jump and Run arcade

game. Shareware. Price : $20.99. Jump and

run arcade game. Help Montezooma-warrior to

reach his aim and to do away with the

numerous monsters happening on his way. 40

levels of the game and 15 different types of

enemies are presented. Special effects and

magic spells. Now two episodes are

accessible! reviewed by Supermario. 

Download URL :


Website : http://www.montezooma.com

Screenshot 1 :


Screenshot 2 :


planfair.zip (4K)

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PlanFair version 1.5
A utility for Planets:TEOS
Add this to the start.bat file
and will change all planets to public.
Keeps the Planets game more fair.
FREEWARE by Robert Fogt

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eBook for all the people who might have

their very own games sitting around, whether

on their hard drive or a website. You

might've gotten a few downloads here and

there, perhaps a comment or two, and even a

sale once in a blue moon if your game was

commercial quality. The world of gaming

keeps on changing, so if you arent getting

your games out there into the world right

now then you'll be dead in the water. This

eBook will show you how to promote your own

games and get them out into the real world.

In this eBook you'll find out the best seven

methods for promoting your own games, along

with information on which methods to start

first.  The methods shown can be used for

both free and commercial games and can be

done by newbies as well as professionals.

q3cd_opcg.rar (452M)

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-=-=-Q Blocks-=-=-
A tetris type of
game written in
Quick Basic.
quake2_win.7z (81,075K)

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RNX3.ZIP (3,716K)

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Renex III 3.0.002
Size:  3.66 MB
Category:  Puzzle/logic
type   :  Shareware
Price  :  $20.99
Here's another hair-puller for you, that is
quite addictive. You must line up 5 balls
of the same color either horizontally,
vertically, or diagonally so that they will
disappear, because when the board is filled
with balls the game ends.

Uploaded Tue Mar 28 2023 01:57 pm

Ronin Solitaire 1.0 Help the ronin to win
back his new master's favor and become
employed.  Not far from Fuji Mountain, in a
small Japanese village lives ex-samurai who
is sorry for his careless behavior. He wants
to win back his new master's favor and
become employed. He has been a target of
humiliation and satire for a long time.
Besides, life without lord's stipend is
getting rather difficult. Complete the
solitaire and help the ronin to get employed
by a new master and win back all samurai

RS1015.ZIP (1,529K)

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RicoSliders ver. 1.015 Start an exciting
competition with a computer opponent and
prove your superiority over it or admit
defeat!  The unusual gameplay, aggressive
AI, motion dynamics and turn-based tactics
will reveal the new facets of the game for
you.  The game ensures equal conditions and
opportunities both for the human and for the
computer.  Real physical laws are combined
with simple and intuitive game controls. 
Game features: Real physics of slips and
collisions Up to 60 sliders on the area at a
time 18 game levels on 6 unique areas
Aggressive AI Three difficulty profiles -
Easy, Normal, Hard Easy and intuitive game
controls Details statistics for each level
System requirements: Pentium 500 or better;
32 mb RAM; 800x600x16; Windows
98/NT/Me/2000/XP http://nervebit.com


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Scarlet grains 6.1.002
Size:  2.54 MB
Category:  Puzzle/logic/action
type   :  Shareware
Price  :  $20.99
type of program: strategic labyrinth game.

An action-strategy game for windows.Navigate
the perilous labyrinths of Scarlet Grains,
collecting coins and avoiding death raining
down from above. Release powerful genetic
bombs to set off catacylsmic chain-reactions
SMG421.ZIP (3,154K)

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Sharpshooter's Miniature Golf 4.21 is 3D
miniature golf for up to 4 players. Includes
pinball bumpers, conveyor belts, warp zones,
water & sand hazards, oscillating blocks,
tilted slopes, & railings that all react &
interact with your ball's movement. 135
complete & unique holes - completely
customizable minigolf world with you at
design controls which are entirely easy to
use & make course design possibilities
unlimited. 5 different tile schemes add
flavor to the courses, & the ability to
rotate the playing field 360 degrees in all
directions adds an aspect not found in many
mini golf titles. Choose any MIDI music file
as background music for each hole. OpenGL,
900MHz CPU, & DirectX 7.0 required. Win95,
98, ME, XP, NT 3.x, NT 4.x,2000

SUDOK10.ZIP (1,101K)

Uploaded Tue Mar 28 2023 01:57 pm

SudoKoach makes solving Sudoku puzzles more

fun. It does the tedious work for you, so

you can concentrate directly on finding the

solution.  SudoKoach generates puzzles with

six different levels of difficulty, so you

don't have to wait for tomorrow's newspaper

to start solving. You can also enter puzzles

from the newspaper, and SudoKoach will help

you solve them too, and you can print

puzzles to solve later or to give to


ug_opcg.rar (291M)

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unreal_opcg.rar (264M)

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